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Our use of cookies and other information-gathering technologies. 

A “cookie” is a small text file which is stored on the user’s hard drive or mobile device. Cookies perform a number of functions associated with browsing websites and are used for a variety of different purposes, such as tracing users from page to page on an internet site, thereby enhancing a user’s browsing experience. They are generated by web servers when the user enters an internet page, and are passed to the user’s computer or mobile device and stored for subsequent future access. 

Projects RH only uses cookies in certain areas of this website and its microsites (the Projects RH Websites), and the purposes for which they are used are detailed below. You are not obliged to accept a cookie and you can modify your browser so that it will not accept cookies. However, if you do so this may affect your browsing experience and certain functions within the website may not work. 

The Projects RH Websites use the following cookies: 

Session cookies 

Session cookies are used to temporarily store information about logged in users. These cookies do not collect information from the user’s computer, and do not identify the user. We use the following session cookies: 

  •  ”ASP.Net_SessionId”: this cookie helps to identify each browser session on the server so that the user has an uninterrupted journey through the Projects RH Websites. It expires automatically when the session ends. 
  • “ASPXAUTH”: this cookie concerns the part of the Projects RH Websites that require a username and password authentication. It determines that a user is logged in. When the user logs out, the cookie expires. 
  • “ARRAffinity”: these cookies are set by our hosting provider to help load pages efficiently by routing users to the same server consistently. They expire as soon as you close your browser. 
  • We use “Projects RH#lang” to remember the language in which a user is browsing the Projects RH Websites. 

Permanent cookies 

Permanent cookies are used to enhance a user’s browsing experience by “remembering” that user on subsequent visits. 

  • We use the “recentOffice” and “recentPeople” cookies to speed up navigation by giving you the option to return to pages you have already visited. The cookies expire one year after the last page was requested. 
  • “SC_Analytics_Global_Cookie”: this persistent cookie identifies repeat visits from a single user. The cookie expires one year after the last page was requested. 
  • “SC_Analytics_Session_Cookie”: this cookie is used to collect anonymised information about how visitors use the site, including the number of visitors, where visitors have come from before coming to the site and the pages they visit on the site. The cookie expires one year after the last page was requested. 

Acceptance of cookies 

We use “CookieAccepted” to record whether a user has accepted the cookie policy. The cookies expire one year after the last page was requested. 

Verification cookie 

To protect the security of the Projects RH Websites, we use the “_requestverificationtoken” cookie. This cookie verifies a visitor’s identity in order to prevent “Cross-Site Request Forgery” attacks, where unauthorized commands are transmitted from a user that the website trusts. 

Generic Google Analytics cookies 

These cookies are used by Google Analytics, which monitors traffic levels, search queries and visits to our website. Google Analytics stores internet protocol (“IP”) addresses on its servers in the US. An IP address is a unique number assigned to each device (such as your computer) that allows it to communicate with other devices on a computer network (such as modems, printers or other computers). Neither Projects RH nor Google associate your IP address with any information that can identify the user personally. 

These cookies enable Google to determine whether you are a return visitor to the site, and to track the pages that you visit during your session. 

You agree to indemnify Projects RH or all loss or damage, penalties, fines, expenses and costs (including legal costs) which arise out of or relate to your use of this website, any information that you provide to Projects RH via its websites or any damage that you may cause to this website and/or its microsites. This indemnification includes, without limitation, liability relating to copyright infringement, defamation, invasion of privacy and trade mark infringement. 

If a dispute arises regarding these terms of use, the laws applicable in the State of New South Wales, Australia will apply. In relation to any such dispute, you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of competent jurisdiction with registers in Sydney, State of New South Wales, Australia. 

If you access the Project Rh Websites in a jurisdiction other than New South Wales, Australia, you are responsible for compliance with the laws of that jurisdiction, to the extent that they apply. 

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