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Anna Cristina Bueno

I am a communications, marketing and international affairs professional with 30 years of experience in digital content, media, P.R., corporate communications, branding, promotion and customer development and retention strategies.

Over the last 30 years, my career has helped me develop a practical and effective working knowledge in the marketing and communications fields and given me a considerable exposure in public relations and strategy development in an international setting. New challenges define my personality and provide me with stimulating opportunities to apply my skills and affect company results in a positive way through my experience and dedication to my clients’ needs.

Throughout my career, I have acquired persuasive techniques that are needed to influence customers and target audiences in making choices.  My leadership skills are developed and have allowed me to interact with ethnic-diverse populations, subordinates, government officials and heads of multi-disciplinary companies.

My focus has been on supporting clients to achieve organizational goals and marketing objectives that add value to, and enhance, company objectives.

I am a totally committed individual with pride in being direct, spontaneous and confident in helping organizations communicate to all levels of stakeholders; my broad international experience base adds to my effectiveness.

You can trust me develop strategies, creative ideas and content that will make a difference in services rendered to the general/specific public.

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