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Carmenza Hoyos

Carmenza is an entrepreneur with experience in innovation, communications, and as a visas project manager.

She was born, educated and worked in Cali, Colombia, until 2013, when she migrated to Australia where she is now a citizen and business owner.

She is a professionally qualified Engineer and Designer with commercial experience and business leadership, proficiency in the areas of management, marketing, design and commercial production/process engineering.

She is also skilled in project management and cultural change, and experienced in senior roles involving project development and research, and qualified in analysis, innovation, creativity, and marketing management. She has high capacity for team leadership, safety and efficacy, and is practical in developing and delivering team outcomes.

Her focus is on helping people get investment visas as a project manager for each case, supervising the process, from the migration lawyer that assists you in selecting the appropriate visa path, ensuring all the financial communications are in place for the application and finding a suitable investment opportunity which meets these criteria.

Carmenza is based in Sydney and is in regular contact with businesses in Asia and Latin America.

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