We are global – Projects RH is not alone

We are global – Projects RH is not alone

Projects RH expands globally with presence in Hong Kong, Americas, and financial hubs like Sydney, Panama, Colombia, Miami, and Vancouver, facilitating investments in industries like copper, medical research, AI, and renewable energy. We connect good projects with smart money!
World network

As the world changes…

In response to the ongoing challenges of servicing our clients worldwide, Projects RH is expanding our global presence. In 2023, we established a business in the Americas to better serve our growing client base located outside of Australia, especially since the Covid pandemic. We are now excited to announce the establishment of our newest branch in Hong Kong, which is famously known as Asia's World City. With our expanding network, Projects RH is better positioned than ever to address the needs of our valued clients wherever they may be located.

I have long believed that China will seek to maintain a buffer between itself and the west. The logical buffer is Hong Kong.

For those in North Asia, Hong Kong remains the financial center. As our business connects good projects with money by explaining their stories, being in Hong Kong is a logical choice. Hong Kong upholds the rule of law and is a safe place to be.

Established in 2017, Projects RH had to look internationally for opportunities at the beginning of Covid-19, as the sources of our work in Sydney and across Australia quickly went into a state of procrastination mode. Ironically, in many other markets, idea people and investors began to seek out opportunities, and the linking of good projects with smart money through communication strategies became the norm. They realized the need to utilize online services.

Seeing the need

Since Covid-19 change our world for ever we have seen the growth and importance of almost free telecommunications and news flow. WhatsApp & We Chat coupled with Zoom and Teams have seen the virtual world become one. Fortunately for projects RH, our team are flexible when they work which allows us   to cover many time zones. For example, it is Sunday here in Hong Kong at 10:30 this morning. I was talking with our lead CPA based in the United States and it was 9:30 PM on Saturday night. Like so many professionals enjoying quality work he is willing to put in the extra yards to make sure he too conserves global base. It is somewhat ironic that we're both working under Mongolian mineral project for a young entrepreneur from New York who is being financed by consortium out of Singapore. Our role is to provide the financial model and information memorandum so that the analysts have an independent source of truth.

The need we see is quality information being prepared on a global basis to allow the common language of money, accounting, to provide cool information to facilitate any investment. Naturally there is a lot more needed then in accounting interpretation and the young entrepreneur has found production data and resource data plus a good translator who has turned local accounting into English. We have seen yet another country who has adopted international accounting standards benefit from harmonization of going global.

The global view

Increasing the information we receive, whether we like it or not, is global. Every morning when I wake up, I cannot help but notice my phone providing me with both local and international news based on what Mr. Google thinks I should know. I guess he has a good history of knowing what I look at and using AI to determine what I would like to view. After this brief review of the world, I listen to ABC Australia World News and then read the highlights of The Australian, Australian Financial Review, the South China Morning Post, the Straits Times, and my daily update from The Economist. This feeds me with data wherever I am, and at the negligible cost of listening to the printed version of almost any newspaper while reading. Our world has changed; we need to keep up with it.

This rapid information flow impacts our clients, and at Projects RH, we need to be prepared to adjust our day. While the World Series and Super Bowl are well-known, soccer remains the most watched sport in the world (3.5 billion fans) . In Cali, Colombia, and Beijing, we've halted business meetings and dinners to focus on football (soccer) games. Remember, people do business with people, and it's a great opportunity to demonstrate our humanity.

The need we see is for quality information to be prepared on a global basis, allowing for the common language of money and accounting to provide cold information to facilitate investment. Naturally, there is much more needed than just accounting interpretation; the young entrepreneur has discovered production and resource data, as well as a capable translator who has converted local accounting information into English. We have observed more countries adopting international accounting standards and reaping the benefits of going global.

Global brands and global pricing

Yesterday Carmenza and I had the pleasure of our son joining us from Singapore. We went to the Apple Store to look for a new iPhone. I particularly wanted to get an iPhone in Hong Kong because they have dual SIM cards. I knew that the EU directive requiring Apple to have a USB2 power port was not only operational in the EU but also that Apple had decided to make only one model for the world which complied with the EU requirement. I was surprised that the model of the Apple 15 with twin SIM card readers was only available in Hong Kong to meet local rules, while the rest of the machine was designed to meet global standards. I guess it is like Projects RH, where we have templates to meet the rules for all the jurisdictions we operate in.

Next on our shopping trip, I needed a reasonably priced coffee plunger, something I did not pack in my luggage. We quickly found IKEA, which has a global pricing policy, so the price we were asked for was pretty much the same as what we'd expect in Sydney or Singapore.

Yet, although our world may be shrinking, I will buy my Australian-made vitamins back in Australia after seeing the prices they go for across Hong Kong!

Global food

It continues to surprise me to see the global fast-food operations in nearly every country we go to. While I am not a fan, everywhere we go we see McDonald's and KFC, but we are also seeing the growth of lesser-known brands such as Paul's, a place we can be found eating at in Singapore, Panama City, or Vancouver. Paul's is currently in 47 countries.

Major hotels seem to cope well with their alternatives – one of my team had congee for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, and steak with three vegetables for dinner. They are really global staples.

The new conversation line – points and discounts

Globally, people are seeking loyalty rewards, expressed through convertible points, products, services, and discounts. This now influences the credit cards we use and where we get our coffee. Major banks, airlines and business credit cards all compete for business. However, it is now a critical discussion and impacts what we do. While the outcomes may vary, the process for choosing which ultra credit card or airline to use remains the same: what's in it for me?

Sticking to the knitting

At Projects RH, we have a clear mission with our clients. We are not trying to be all things to all people, and as one of the parties who funds our clients in their early stages remarked, some of our clients feel that they outgrow us. We must always be looking for new clients in the same way that a journalist looks for new stories. In our case, Projects RH needs to look for new clients where we can also add further value. One area where we can add value is to speak with investors who we know have invested in similar areas and ask what currently motivates them to invest. Secondly, we need to know where Projects RH has in-house expertise and experience so that we can best serve ourselves and our clients. Examples include copper projects, medical research, AI technology, and renewable energy. There is no "learning" curve or time delay.

We have recently reviewed our processes, and one of the key delays is in team building industry knowledge.

Think globally and act locally

Given what Project RH does in building financial models, information memorandums, pitch decks, and teasers, is for the global investor market, it is imperative that we have a global reach to capitalize on the opportunities available to us. This necessitates the establishment of a presence of Projects RH in various global markets. Our early focus was on Australia and South America. Then, this led us to project managers in Asia plus North and Central America.

Our services are global in nature, and it is essential that we operate in financial and industrial hubs such as Sydney, Hong Kong, Panama, Colombia, Miami, and Vancouver. This year, we plan to expand our reach even further.

We are grateful for the support of fundraising firms like Pan Ocean Advisory Group (POAG), who have introduced us to an international network of clients which need our services before than can fully engage with POAG. We have expanded our teams in Sydney, Hong Kong, and Florida to meet the demand.

Like our clients and their investors, we must think globally and act locally. This requires commitment from the Projects RH team, who must be willing to work odd hours. However, the variety of work and the opportunities it presents make it all worthwhile.

 Are you and/or your business planning on going global? How would you go about it?

By Paul Raftery, CEO of Projects RH and based in Sydney. We are happy to receive questions of comments at

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46 thoughts on “We are global – Projects RH is not alone

  1. Have you ever thought about creating an e-book or guest authoring on other websites?
    I have a blog based on the same ideas you discuss and would love
    to have you share some stories/information. I know my audience would value your work.
    If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to
    send me an email.

    1. Paul Raftery says:

      Thanks for the comment. I would be happy to have such a discussion.
      You can email me on

  2. Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It in fact was a amusement account it.

    Look advanced to more added agreeable from you! By the way, how can we communicate?

    1. Paul Raftery says:

      Thanks for the comment. I would be happy to have such a discussion.
      You can email me on

  3. Stuart B. says:

    Thanks for this interesting and insightful article Paul. All the best for your next moves.

    1. Stuart, We look forward to you calling us and giving us an opportunity for our next move.

  4. Paul, it is always a risk trying to serve all clients in all fields. I think that globalization brings the risk of diluting the focus and losing relevance; on the other hand, it allows to find a greater number of opportunities to apply the competitive advantages that make PRH an excellent firm. I wish you great success in finding the appropriate balance.

    1. Juan, thanks for your comments but we do not try to be all thing to all people even in our limited field. The first thing we ask ourselves is the market going to pay for what is being offered and do we collectively have the knowledge to present the materials. We there work where the investment bankers we work with know they can raise money and with products / services which either have a comparative advantage or a nice with a moat.

  5. Corey Nolan says:

    Great strategy and all the best with the implementation and execution.

    1. Corey, thanks for your comments and I appreciate your years of experience is understanding running an international business from abroad to its main activities. I think you show that there is a need to have great people and to periodically be on the ground but also trust and support those “in country”. It is a matter of balance and execution.

  6. Kay Landgren says:

    What an exciting business model. Your stretch Worldwide can only increase your help each new client. Your insight into the future direction of opportunities in our changing world is bound to help develop many businesses. Best wishes Projects RH.

    1. Kay, thanks for you incisive comment. We are not for or against globaliation rather we see the need for middle sized businesses and investors to find each other and communicate via financial models and commentaries. These interactions bring more people into talking with each other and not just trading houses, banks and large pension funds. The real connections help us be friends and reduce the risk of conflict between peoples. We all benefit from a peaceful world.

  7. Simon says:

    Very interesting article, I enjoyed reading it, I hope I can keep reading stuff like this in the future and congratulations in the Hong Kong opening

    1. Simon, sometimes you need be a little brave. We other tell you it is not the right time you will discover the opportunity because others are ignoring it.

  8. Paul, it’s encouraged that you are showing confidence in the future of Hong Kong as an ongoing financial centre and a gateway to China

    1. William, thanks for your comment. As an outsider I do not undertand the whole picture. My long held view is Hong Kong is a valve between China and the world. It is a necessary safe place. At Project RH we see Hong Kong is a safe place between the west and north Asia

  9. I am happy to hear about your great move. This is really inspiring.

    1. Peter, now your inspired you need to get active and help build thee bridge. The wonderful thing about a bridge is the traffic can go both ways.

  10. Gina Ho says:

    Congratulations Paul on your new Hong Kong office and thank you for an inspiring article. Interesting to see that global businessman and investors like yourself are moving into this city because of the opportunities and that it is gateway to China, and other financial hubs. All the best to your new venture.

    1. Silvia Hoyos says:

      Hello, excellent article about global markets for their development in South American countries.
      Paul takes a tour of his work with his team, through the various countries of our planet, and his local view of everyday life.

      Thank you for keeping us up to date with your wonderful work.
      Greetings to you and Carmenza.

      1. Silvia, thanks for your comments. Your like experience of studying and living internationally – this has given you the insight at we need think and act outside the village in which we live and also be accountable for our in other places too. At Projects RH we gather experiences like that and with energy join opportuntiy with means pr projects with money!

    2. Gina, I will never have the insight into China you have but having lived in Australia for a decade before returning and have the ongoing connection with you son and family you part of this global village. It is this type of connection which brings trust and business. It is the pat on the back which say you can trust Juan which is the real beginning of global business relationships.

  11. Warwick Cunningham says:

    A sound expansion without stressing the connections that unite us.

    Through our shared view, may ProjectsRH have the wind in their sails.

    1. Warwick, we need focus on our strengths and this is what unites us. It is this unity which gives us the strength and drive to enter new markets.

  12. Great article Paul and congrats on your new overseas office! Your expansion plans are aligned with the needs of businesses that need a global presence. I particular like your comparison on global brands on consumables which is what I do when I travel especially food!

    In the meantime, if your clients need to find more women for leadership or board roles, please let me know.

    1. Sandra, for our clients we believe that they need the right mix of skills in the boardroom and accross the business. The right mix of skills means diversity. This means seeing the mix of people across the business. Naturally this will see women on the executive committee and seated at the Board table.

  13. Hi Paul and Carmenza

    Congratulations on your opening in Hong Kong! A very wise move to set up in the ” Big Buffer City” as we see a pick up cross-border China business activity, were you -can get the best of both worlds, a fusion of the best of the east and the west. My partners at Eaton Square and I are looking forward to working with you and your team again, whether it be South America, Australia or Asia-Pacific region.

    All the best

    1. Nick, thanks for reaching out we look forward to working with you and the Team at Eaton Square again soom. As you know we can support our clients in most places in the world. What we continue to remember is we are in the communications business. Most of our end-users really care about the numbers. We need to explain and justify our sources. The team at Eaton Square also focus on the numbers. I guess is why we can work well together.

  14. Very informative article that links Projects RH to the changing dynamics of global investment and their projects. Although there’s always going to be regional cultural and policy influences, one of the core items that is similar in all corners of the world is the people on the projects and the creating of a team environment. As fantastic as technology has gotten, the key to success is still the leaders and contributors on the project teams. Projects RH is clearly well positioned and establishing high standards.

    1. Larry, thanks for your call. What we are seeing is that we still need leader but the necessary skills of the leader continue to evolve. Yes they need make decisions and be accountable. They need to know when to call for help and make-sure they have experts they can call in. The most important skill is time allocation. This means delegation and systems. Most importantly they need to known whom to listen to.

  15. Really enjoyed your article on global business expansion. It was informative and provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of international markets. Looking forward to more of your analysis in the future!

    1. At Projects RH we are working with a number of companies and industries and nations. As we accept new challenges our team brings the collective experience and process to each new opportunity. One thing we need to remember is we are dealing with people and deep down we have much in common.

  16. Maria Jose Aguilar says:

    A wise decision indeed. Congratulations and may your journey be filled with success and prosperity.

    1. Maria, like so may thing we learn to do it is because we learn to see other need helf and without this help they will fail. We have learned that without a plan and the willingness to accept advice a leader will not succeed. What leaders need do is listen and gether wistom, then synteise it into the business plan

  17. Thomas Alden Skidmore says:

    Commerce and technology have made our globe an open marketplace for the renaissance of entrepreneurship, using the universal language of data.
    In this ever-interconnected world, entrepreneurs leverage data to analyze vast amounts of information to identify emerging global market trends and find consumers to grow their business.

    Conversely, Investors have always thrived digesting data to produce analysis in an attempt to mitigate the inherent risk of investment. Even with all the fundamental, market and quantitative analysis available, data still feels flat.

    The success of Projects RH is that they process all that data, perform the analysis and the goes beyond. Like you mentioned, Paul, people do business with people. Once vetted by their team, PRH also provides the compelling story of the company as well as the key people. This is the holistic approach that brings such value.

    1. Tom thanks for your supportive comments. I do think one of the keys to Projects RH’s repeat roles has been our unashamed focus on had finanial data as a single point of truth. Financial models are just that models but without a model and a team’s commitment to deliver it, a business would be like a ship without a rudder. Today we are seeing investors wanting more experienced people to run “their investment”. These people normally have a business plan and a model. A great idea is not enough. This why your experience is so important to a company not only at the beginning of its journey but through its whole life cycle.

  18. Robin Murray says:

    Enjoyed the article although my intelligence is not quite up to par with this article.
    Wondering if a non profit could benefit from your business. Just wondering

    1. Robin, Thanks for your kind thoughts. Some of the greatest innovators have come from the not-for-profit. In part is they are not driven by quarterly reporting. Their criteria for success is different. Having said this not for profits can lead in may markets and often have a marketing advantage,

  19. Neva Heathcare has been working with Paul’s group on our series B financing. Neva is a medical device company with global opportunities which Paul’s team has supported. Our partnership in ongoing and we look forward to a long term relationship.

    1. John, It is always to work with great innovators who appreciate the importance of teamwork and leadership. I believe your early experiece in medial devices in a global context is what has allowed Neva Healthcare to be seen as a global innovator and attract international investor interest.

  20. Great move Paul to expand your global reach !! This will benefit organisations like ours to be able to tap into a broader investment network.

    1. Chris, it is essential to companies like Star Water as you have proven. Your link and the acceptance of your product as a benchnmark in Greater LA show what so many companies can do if they learn to fly.

  21. Cristina Andrews says:

    Proyects RH, right decision. Congratulation and wishing you the best.

    1. Christina, it is not an easy decision but in these days of loe cost global communications you need to be an early adaptor and then play to your strengths.

  22. Juana María Sanchez Partenón says:

    Great move. Expanding your business globally brings increased revenue, new customers, diversified income, industry prominence, competitiveness, economies of scale, cultural insights, innovation, and success. Best of luck in the new horizons!

    1. Thanks Juana but the real key is to get others to do what we talk about, It needs to be a feature of our lives and how we think. Once we open the mind the business will follow.

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